Security & Protection

Selective Permission

The material and products stored in X-Treme Series Cabinets are as important for us as they are for our users. Not everybody should have physical access to them and neither to the control of the conditions they are stored in.

Accidentally changing the humidity or temperature settings may harm the products and materials stored and this should be kept under control.

With our software you can assign up to 8 security levels and assign permission to these as you see fit. You may want to give a security level only access to open the doors while granting another to change the lighting profile in addition to the doors. These can be customized as you see fit with the highest level having permission to change and monitor everything.

Our software also keeps track of access to the Cabinet by recording the keycode entries and these can be monitored with our datalogger.

Unauthorized Access – RFID

In order to prevent unwanted individuals to gain access to the material and products stored X-Treme Series Cabinets are protected by automatic door locks and are operated without keys. These locks can be operated via the touch screen by simply entering the assigned keycode. Software provides passwords up to 8 operators and prevent unauthorized access to the materials & stored products. You can also access to cabinet by RFID cards.

Eliminating Errors

The status of the doors is monitored with magnetic switches. The Door Ajar Alarm goes off to inform the user when the door is left open or not properly closed. The time before the alarm goes off can be set between 10 to 240 seconds from our software in accordance to the sensitivity of the material and products inside.


X-Treme Series Cabinets are completely ESD safe. Our Cabinets are painted with electrostatic paint and the whole system is grounded. The cabinets come standard with antistatic wrist strap ports to protect the user as much as the products.

Independent Systems Working As One

All the systems used in X-Treme Series Cabinets work as a whole and are controlled by our software, however each system is protected by their own fuses to prevent damage to affect the others. This design prevents large scale damage in a rare case of malfunction.

Also each system checks the system coming before them during the process and when they detect an anomaly they shut off to prevent damage to themselves.