Especially for You

X-Treme Series Cabinets come in various sizes, even though we have standard sizes available we can also custom build a different size if you require.

Let us know your requirements so we can help in choosing the right solution for you. We aim to provide you with a cabinet that will satisfy all your needs, so it should be configured just for you.

The process starts with the decision about the size and type of dehumidification as we provide different volumes for Auto Dry Cabinets with dryer units only, Smart Nitrogen Cabinets with nitrogen purging or the best of both worlds with our Hybrid Cabinets.

Then we can decide how many doors you require. This can even be a single door on one side and double doors on the other if thats what you require.

Then we can decide on the storage systems such as shelves, sliding shelves, dividers, feeder storage and so much more.

Do you need lighting, we can provide that. Or maybe you need a cooling unit as well. PCB racks, HEPA filters, UV Lights, alarm bars there are so many possibilities and options to choose from.

This is a process which simply cannot be explained in full detail here because it is different with each customer. Contact us so we can discuss all the combinations and come up with the perfect solution to satisfy all your needs together.