900 Liter Smart Nitrogen Dry Cabinet

Ultra-low relative humidity ≤0.5%RH guaranteed with XSC-900-N2 Smart Nitrogen Dry Cabinet

X-Treme Series Auto Dry Cabinets has been specifically designed for drying and storing moisture sensitive devices (MSDs). According to IPC/JEDEC J-STD 033C and IPC-1601 standards, moisture-sensitive materials and PCB’s can be stored in these cabinets for an unlimited period of time. XSC-900-N2 Model Smart Nitrogen Dry Cabinet is suitable for low and medium volume production due to cabinet dimensions also it can be used for baking (floor life resetting) purposes with optional heater units up to 125ᵒC degree. Due to the long depth of the cabinet, feeder storage solutions can be added or used for the storage of large-scale products. The XSC-900-N2 Smart Nitrogen Dry Cabinet equipped with a smart nitrogen flow unit (N2AF-01). The N2AF-01 nitrogen flow unit guarantees constant low relative humidity ≤1%RH for short to long-term storage. A moisture-free and the oxygen-free environment is provided. Ideal for the moisture-proof and anti-oxidation storage of wide-ranging technologies.

Some advantages of XSC-900-N2 Smart Nitrogen Dry Cabinet

X-Treme Series Smart Nitrogen Dry Cabinet keeps the moisture level at desired levels by optimally adjusting the nitrogen gas used thanks to its extensive software and sensitive sensors and saving money by minimizing the consumable usage level. According to process needs, nitrogen gas pressure can be increased, reduced, or nitrogen gas purging settings can be changed on the touch screen control panel to be specially shaped for the system. It provides you with a fully controlled, traceable, reliable environment.

Equipped with high-end technologies

The touch screen control panel provides 800x480px resolution in 7″ touch-capable area. The user can reach all important data in the cabinets with simple clicks. X-Treme Series Auto Dry Cabinets fully network compatible, it can be reached remotely via computers, phones, and tablets which are using Wi-Fi and ethernet connections. The cabinets are equipped with high-precision sensors and integrated data logger for performance traceability.

X-Treme Series Auto Dry Cabinets are ESD Safe and conforms to the current ESD 61340-5-1 standards.

Standard Features

  • 1 ea N2 Auto Flow Unit
  • Internal Humidity and Temperature Sensor
  • 7” Touch Screen Control Panel, 800*480 Pixel Screen Resolution
  • Internet Connection by Wi-Fi or Ethernet Cable
  • Remote Monitoring System (RMS)
  • Datalogger (2GB)
  • 5 x Stainless Steel (SS) Shelves
  • Door Alarm with Buzzer
  • 2 Door Double Insulated Glass
  • Rear Stainless Steel (SS) Panels
  • 4 x Casters (2 of them are lockable)
  • Adjustable Stabilization Legs 2 pcs
  • Electrostatic Painted Metal Sheet Body – 625 Liters Net

Additional Features

  • Heater Kit (45 °C)-(XS-HTK-01)
  • Heater Kit (60 °C)-(XS-HTK-04)
  • Heater Kit (100 °C)-(XS-HTK-06)
  • Heater Kit (125 °C)-(XS-HTK-10)
  • Stainless Steel (SS) Shelf (SSS-01)
  • Stainless Steel (SS) Sliding Shelf (SD-01)
  • Automatic Door Locks by Password (DLK-01)
  • Indoor Light (XS-LGK-01)
  • 1 Door Option for XSC-600 (XS-DOR-01)
  • RFID Access (RF-01)
  • MSD (Moisture Sensitive Device) Traceability Software (MSDTrack)
  • PCB Holder (PCB-01)
  • Stainless Steel (SS) U Divider (XT-DSSU-03)
  • Stainless Steel (SS) I Divider (XT-DSSI-04)
  • Stainless Steel (SS) SMD Reel Holder with 20 Divider Wire (SMDD-01)
  • Extraction Unit (XS-EXT-01)
  • Outside Humidity and Temperature Sensor (HTS-02)
  • External Alarm Bar with Magnetic Base, 2-Color Light and Buzzer (EAL-01)
  • Cooling Unit (COAF-01)
  • Humidifier Unit (HUM-01)
  • Hepa Filter Option-Class 1000 (ISO 6)(HEPA-01)
  • Custom Sliding Feeder Storage Solutions for XS Line (XS-FS-01)


Smart N2 Flow System

Prevents moisture adsorption and corrosion. %Rh values below 0.5% RH


Unique sensors provide accuracy of +/- 0.3% RH for humidity, +/- 0.5 °C for temperature

Outstanding Performance

50%Rh to ≤1%Rh under 7 minutes after door opening

Climate Control

Optional heating from 2°C up to 125°C. Forced air circulation.


Standard 2 GB Datalogger feature with Wi-Fi (Wireless), Ethernet Cable (Network), USB Flash Disk Connection

Industry 4.0 Ready

• Remote monitoring system (RMS)
• Easy to integrate into in-house enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems
• Internet connection by Wi-Fi and ethernet cable

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