Monitoring & Control

Complete Control

Our user-friendly in-house software is specifically coded for our cabinets and can monitor and control each and every aspect of the operation to the tiniest detail.

Everything can be controlled and monitored from the built-in touch screen panel with only a few touches. Our clean and simple interface makes it easy to access all the features of the cabinet just in a few seconds.

Know What Happened and When

Our datalogger feature allows users to track and store data regarding the whole operation of the cabinet by keeping track of 16 parameters. These include inside and outside temperature and humidity, door status, dryer(s) status, heater status, access info, errors and detailed diagnostics.

You can set data gathering intervals to 15–30–45–60 seconds and thus can store data for the past 22 days and up to 90 days.

With the PC connection you can extract data from the data logger to your computer and examine all the data in detail. The data logger software compiles all data into curve charts and displays them in graphics for easy interpretation with time – date on the X-axis and other variables on the Y-axis.

Different parameters are displayed in different colors to make differentiation easier. Curve plotting period can be adjusted from 45 minutes to 24 hours for any time period of the stored data. Also the parameters shown can be selected. You can also import the data into Excel for ease of use.

Never Far Away

With the additional Remote Monitoring Software, you can check up on the cabinets and monitor humidity & temperature even when you are away from them. This system is monitored from a web browser to provide easy access from anywhere around the globe with any laptop, computer, tablet or even your phone.

Details Matter

Our software uses a real-time clock, so you know the exact time of any incident or the values at a certain time.

Our software enables alarms to be set for certain parameters such as humidity and temperature and notify you if they cannot be attained within the set period of time to ensure 100% protection.

The indoor lights operation can be adjusted via our software. You have the choice to switch on the lights when motion is detected, the screen is touched or when the door is opened. You may also adjust how long the lights will stay on.

Our software controls the dryer unit operation and nitrogen flow and closes them off when not necessary for even more cost-effective operation.

You can set your Dryer units to go into regeneration at any set time every day to ensure they are fully ready for the start of your busy hours and even forbid them to regenerate during specific time periods.