EMT is a privately held company group established in Ankara in 1987. Since its establishment, our company has been providing unique solutions in the fields of digital forensics, cyber security, criminal investigation, and electronic manufacturing with its design, engineering, production, and R&D capabilities. In addition to these, EMT transfers its knowledge to the private sector and law enforcement institutions through training and consultancy services.

X-TREME SERIES, a registered trademark of EMT Group of Companies, besides designing and producing dehumidification cabinets for use in various sectors; is an engineering unit with high technical capability that also offers different solutions and services in a wide area of ​​expertise for the electronics industry.

X-Treme Series Auto-Dry Cabinets are exported to more than 60 countries, mainly America and Europe, and offer long-term solutions to its customers with its service and technical support.

X-Treme Series is an ISO 9001: 2015 quality management certified company and has its own technical service accredited by TSE (Turkish Standards Institute) Service Conformity Certificate according to TS12849 / 2007 and TS12540 / 2011 standards.

Our Vision

We believe that information and technology are the cornerstones for creating a safer world. We reflect our ethical and sharing approach in both local and global markets with this belief and commitment to all our stakeholders.

Our Mission

We invest in production and knowledge by constantly adapting to technology in all areas in which we operate; we serve our customers with innovative, reliable, tailor-made products and solutions.