Our Distributors

Many thanks to our distribution partners for trusting our product and services.

Country Company Contact
Australia Oritech www.oritech.com.au
Austria SmartTec GmbH www.smartTec.de
Austria Rubröder GmbH www.rubroeder.de
Belgium KVMS www.kvms.be
Bulgaria Amtest Group www.amtest-group.com
Canada Altay, Inc. www.altayinc.com/home/
Croatia Amtest Group www.amtest-group.com
Czech Republic PBT Rožnov p.R., s.r.o. www.pbt.cz
Denmark HIN A/S www.hinshop.no
Denmark Eurostatgroup www.eurostatgroup.com
Denmark smartTec Nordic A/S www.smarttec.dk
Estonia Eurostatgroup www.eurostatgroup.com/nordeurope/en
Finland Tim-Nordic Oy www.timnordic.fi
Finland Eurostatgroup www.eurostatgroup.com/nordeurope/en
France MJB www.mjb.fr
Germany SmartTec GmbH www.smartTec.de
Germany Rubröder GmbH www.rubroeder.de
Hungary Amtest Kft www.amtest-group.com
India Kyoritsu Electric India www.kyoritsuelectric.com
Iceland SMT Nordic www.smtworldwide.com/nordic
Ireland Blundell Production Equipment Ltd www.blundell.co.uk
Israel Electron Csillag www.electron.co.il
Italy Tecnolab s.r.l. www.tecnolab-srl.it
Japan Fab Finder www.fab-finder.com
Korea Fab Finder www.fab-finder.com
Latvia SMT Nordic www.smtworldwide.com/nordic
Latvia Eurostatgroup www.eurostatgroup.com/nordeurope/en
Lithuania SMT Nordic www.smtworldwide.com/nordic
Lithuania Eurostatgroup www.eurostatgroup.com/nordeurope/en
Luxembourg KVMS www.kvms.be
Malaysia Fab Finder www.fab-finder.com
Malta Tecnolab s.r.l. www.tecnolab-srl.it
Mexico SMT Worldwide www.smtworldwide.com/america
Netherlands KVMS www.kvms.be
Norway HIN A/S www.hinshop.no
Norway smartTec Nordic A/S www.smarttec.dk
Norway Eurostatgroup www.eurostatgroup.com/nordeurope/en
Philippines Fab Finder www.fab-finder.com
Poland Amtest Poland Sp. z.o.o. www.amtest-group.com
Portugal Sisprod www.sisprod.com
Portugal SMT Worldwide www.smtworldwide.com
Romania Amtest Romania SRL www.amtest-group.com
Russia SMT Tech www.smttech.eu
Serbia Amtest Group www.amtest-group.com
Singapore Fab Finder www.fab-finder.com
Slovakia Amtest Group www.amtest-group.com
Slovakia PBT Rožnov p.R., s.r.o. www.pbt.cz
Slovenia Amtest Group www.amtest-group.com
South Korea Fab Finder www.fab-finder.com
Spain Sisprod www.sisprod.com
Spain SMT Worldwide www.smtworldwide.com
Sweden HIN A/S www.hinshop.no
Sweden smartTec Nordic A/S www.smarttec.dk
Sweden Eurostatgroup www.eurostatgroup.com/nordeurope/en
Switzerland Neutec Electronic AG www.neutec.ch
Taiwan Fab Finder www.fab-finder.com
Thailand Fab Finder www.fab-finder.com
Ukraine SMT Prof www.smt-prof.com.ua
U.S.A. Altay, Inc. www.altayinc.com
United Kingdom Blundell Production Equipment Ltd www.blundell.co.uk
Vietnam Fab Finder www.fab-finder.com