Humidity Management

Ultra-Fast Dehumidification Rate

The most important attribute of desiccation or drying cabinet is the rate of dehumidification. Nowadays most of the cabinets in the market can reach low levels of humidification, but not all of them can do it fast enough. But why does it matter?

When cabinet doors are opened for taking a product out or putting a new one in, the ambient humidity rushes into the cabinet. This increases the levels inside the cabinet and the products stored inside are exposed to humidity which may harm your products.

Here comes in the most important feature of drying cabinets: Recovery Time!

Recovery time in its most simple explanation; the time it takes for a cabinet to reach back to its set values after it’s exposed to ambient humidity.

Faster recovery times means that the products inside the cabinet are exposed to undesirable humidity levels for a shorter period, therefore risk of any harm is minimized.

This is the hallmark of X-Treme Series Auto Dry Cabinets. Our recovery times are the fastest you can find in the industry. We can recover back to 1%Rh in under 7 minutes!

X-Treme Series Auto Dry Cabinets provide the quickest dehumidification in the world thanks to our own patented technology while using minimum energy in the process. Our Cabinets can perform even under the most extreme ambient conditions.

Minimizing the Threat

In order to ensure the products and materials inside are at optimal conditions as much as possible, X-Treme Series Cabinets come with a multiple door configuration. Opening a smaller door instead of a larger one helps minimize the ambient conditions which penetrate the cabinet when they are opened.

Low Levels of Humidity

X-Treme Series Auto Dry Cabinets have the ability to reach and maintain very low levels of humidity. To be precise our cabinets are able to go as low as 0.5%Rh . This is not a feat that many in the market can achieve.

This ensures that your valuable and highly hygroscopic, moisture sensitive materials are stored in an environment with nearly no humidity at all.

Your time is valuable as much as your materials or products, so it’s also useful for quickening the drying times of the material and products stored inside in order to save you time.

Homogenous Dispersion

Our design ensures that the humidity & temperature throughout the cabinet is homogenous all around. The dry air is circulated all around the cabinet via our unique ductwork to make sure that all materials or products placed at any point of the cabinet gets the same treatment.

Built to last

Even in very humid conditions our units are being operated for over a decade without any corrosion or rust issues. They require no maintenance as they are self-sustainable systems. In cases of a rare mistreatment or malfunction, they are easy to repair or replace.

Fire & Forget

Our dryer units are self-sustaining and never require any consumables. When they are saturated with humidity our software detects this they automatically go into regeneration mode by themselves and after this process is finished they go back online. The system warns you to not open the doors during this period in order to maintain the humidity levels inside.

Once you fire up X-Treme Series Auto Dry Cabinets with dehumidifier units installed you never have to worry about consumables again. We only advise that you do a calibration at least once a year.

Redundant Protection

X-Treme Series Auto Dry Cabinets can be configured to operate with a single or double dryer unit. We recommend using double Dehumidifier units for a couple of reasons.

First this increases the recovery rate and presents a good solution for frequent door openings in very humid ambient environments as 2 is greater than 1.

Second, our smart control software automatically operates two units together when quick dehumidifying is required. When this need is satisfied the two units start to operate in turns. One unit operates and the other stays in park status.

The same is valid for the regeneration process as well. Our software makes sure that the two units never regenerate at the same time and this provides around the clock protection. The warning for not opening the doors during the regeneration process is eliminated this way.

This operating style presents very high performance and it also saves energy. Even in the rare case of a dryer malfunction the other will keep on working to provide uninterrupted protection. Our customers around the world appreciate the comfort of never worrying about the valuables stored inside our cabinets thanks to this double protection.

A moist environment

In some cases, you may require a stable humid environment for your products. This can be because of the nature of your products or even for testing purposes.

X-Treme Series Auto Dry Cabinets gives you the option to create and maintain this environment for you.

By using the same system incorporated for dehumidifying we are able to create, monitor and sustain humidity levels up to %95Rh in our cabinets.

The system is fully controlled and monitored by our software just as the dehumidifying process is. The system gives a warning when there is not enough water to continue the process to ensure continuous operation.