Pinpoint Accuracy

We know that your products are important and valuable, so we strive to create the perfect environment for your needs within our cabinets. In order to do so we use the best sensors the industry offers to create the exact conditions you require.

We are aware that even if our cabinets are operating at maximum efficiency, in case the sensors are not the up to the task the cabinets may never reach the values they are programmed to. Dry Cabinets operate in accordance to the values they receive and if they are getting faulty returns they will never operate as they should.

What You See Is What You Get

Think about this example for instance, the inside humidity of the cabinet is 12%Rh and you set your cabinet to go down to 5%Rh. If the sensor has an accuracy of ±5% then the dehumidifying process will stop at a point between 10%Rh and 5%Rh thinking that it has reached its goal.

We would never take such a gamble with your materials, the sensors in X-Treme Series have an accuracy of ±0.3%Rh for humidity and ±0.5°C for temperature and are shipped in a perfectly calibrated condition. So that you always get what you are asking for.

As we operate with very narrow margins we recommend calibration for your sensors at least once a year to ensure the same pinpoint accuracy is sustained. You can do it yourself as X-Treme Series Cabinets come with calibration embedded in the software our we can provide this service for you.

The best way to test if the sensors are as accurate as they should be is to place an external reference meter in the cabinet and compare the values. We are always open to such a test and even welcome it.

Try this out on your own cabinet and let us know about your results.

Ambient Conditions

Our cabinets can operate in any environment and the inside values will always be at the set values regardless of ambient conditions, however we offer Outdoor Sensors as well in case you need to monitor and log these values.

Your materials and products shall always be kept in optimal conditions when inside X-Treme Series Cabinets but when operating in high temperature or humid environments, as soon as you take them out they will be exposed to undesirable conditions.

The outdoor sensor option provides you the information you require to take the necessary precautions in accordance to the sensitivity of your material.