Version 3.0 Software & New Display

Now, all X-Treme Series Auto Dry Cabinets come with Version 3.0 Software.
The software brings full support for Industry 4.0. For more information, you can review our website.

User friendly in-house software is specifically coded for
X-Treme Series Auto Dry Cabinets

The system works integrately with embedded software that offers real-time monitoring, remote monitoring and data logging for single or multiple cabinets.

X-Treme Series is the best place for your product.

What’s coming in this Major Upgrade?

7″ Touch Screen

7” (155 x 86mm) Touch Screen Control Panel with 800*480 Pixel Screen Resolution


Remote Monitoring System

Internet Connection

Internet Connection by Wi-Fi and Ethernet Cable

2 GB Datalogger

Datalogger (2GB) with Wi-Fi, Ethernet Cable, USB Flash Disk connections

Industry 4.0

Easy to integrate into in-house Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems


Real-time clock (RTC)


RFID Access Control System

Comparison table of Version 2.0 v.s Version 3.0

U-Divider-Shelve-Seperator-for-desiccant-dry-cabinets U-Divider-Shelve-Seperator-for-desiccant-dry-cabinets
Version 2.0 Version 3.0
Datalogger Capacity
Datalogger Capacity Limited (4 mb) data logging capacity (up to 89 days) 2 GB data logging capacity (up to 10 years)
  Datalogger Connection
Datalogger Connection Only with USB Cable and requires an X-Treme Datalogger Software Wi-Fi, Ethernet Cable (Network), USB Flash Disk, No Software requirement
  Display / Control Panel
Display / Control Panel 240 *128 Graphic, monochrome, LCD Touch Screen Control Panel 7” Touch Screen, Colourful Control Panel, 800*480 Pixel Screen Control Panel
  Touch Screen Type
Touch Screen Type Resistive Capacitive
  Active Screen Area
Active Screen Area 107,98 x 57,58 mm 155,00 x 86,00 mm (7”)
  Cabinet Data Access
Cabinet Data Access Only from Cabinet Screen Via PC, Phone, Tablet, Cabinet Screen
  User Access Option
User Access Option Access Code Used as Password RFID cards and Access Code Used as Password
  Alarm Notification
Alarm Notification Internal Buzzer and External Alarm Bar Via e-Mail, Internal Buzzer and External Alarm Bar
  System Integration
System Integration Not available ERP, SAP etc. Software Integration Option
  Door Lock Type
Door Lock Type Solenoid Door Locks Automatic Door Locks (Gear System)

Some features of Version 3.0 Software

Easy access to your cabinets’ parameters from anywhere by phone, PC, tablet with an IP address via internet browser.

Remote Monitoring System (RMS) provides you flexibility to check and monitor humidity & temperature from outside.

Notifications via e-mails to users when the set parameters exceeded.

Data management of multiple drying cabinets. The data of all devices can be viewed from a single page up to 10 cabinets.

Datalogger parameters can be exported to your computer by internet connection for more detailed analysis.

Old Screen v.s. New Screen


Monochrome, resistive touch screen control panel


7” Colourful, user friendly, windows-based capacitive touch screen control panel