Research and Development – Laboratory

Regardless of the nature of your work for all your testing needs during your R&D phase, X-Treme Series Cabinets are ready to help you with your climate control requirements.

X-Treme Series Cabinets have the ability to operate in a wide range of conditions; 0.5%Rh – 95%Rh for humidity and 2°C – 100°C for temperature.

Doing the right tests during the design phase is a critical component of creating the perfect product. However, creating accurate conditions during these tests is even more critical. We share your enthusiasm for perfection. What you set your cabinet is what you get.

By using the best sensors available we provide the most accurate conditions with ±0.3%Rh for humidity and ±0.5°C for temperature, so you can create the exact environment for your tests.

R&D work is different from production, every condition, however unlikely to actually happen should be considered and tested for. We designed our cabinets in order to be able to provide these extreme conditions for you to utilize.

We are always open to suggestions. If you have a requirement which we currently are not providing, please let us know so we can discuss the possibilities.