Medical & Pharmaceutical

Pharmaceuticals, active ingredients, excipients, binders and a lot more material in pharma are in most cases highly hygroscopic and therefore are best stored in low humidity environments to ensure their purity.

Exposure to high levels of humidity will affect the weight of the products as well as causing changes in granulation, chemical stability, crystal structure, powder flow, dissolution rate and many more factors.

X-Treme Series Cabinets provide a wide range of solutions to ensure moisture free storage for moisture sensitive ingredients and drugs. But that’s not all, for applications where a certain level of moisture is required we provide humidifying options as well.

Our patented technology ensures that you can reach and maintain your desired humidity level ranging from 0.5Rh to 95%Rh at the required temperature between 2°C to 100°C for all your applications.

We are aware that pharmaceutical products are highly sensitive, so thanks to our industry leading accuracy levels, ±0.3%Rh for humidity and ±0.5°C for temperature, your products are always stored in the right conditions.

Opening and closing the doors will affect the conditions inside the cabinet, so with the fastest recovery time available we ensure that even with frequent door operations, your material inside our cabinets come back to the conditions they require as quick as they can.

Also, highly sensitive medical equipment, for example sutures, may be stored in our Cabinets for protection. Our Cabinets provide a suitable environment for temperature sensitive material and drugs such as vaccines, biological samples, drugs and agents.