Long and Short Term Storage

Moisture is detrimental to the preservation of many items and valuables. Photographs, microfilms, digital media equipment, lenses, cameras, pieces of art, antiques, food, and even archives should be stored in dry environments.

These are just a couple of examples we thought about but moisture and even heat may be a threat to your valuables. If you require an environment to ensure maximum preservation and protection for your valuables X-Treme Series Cabinets are the best place they can be stored at.

Our Cabinets only work when its necessary to maintain the required humidity and temperature levels. In other times they go to standby but always have a watchful eye on the values to start up without you even noticing.

For storage purposes this brings with it low operating costs as energy consumption is kept at minimal. You just store your valuables inside X-Treme Series Cabinets, tell them the required humidity and temperature values and forget about the rest.

We will make sure that your valuables are always stored at the optimal conditions. You can trust them with us and keep on doing what you have to do, we will make sure that when you come back for them they will be in the best state they can be.