2 Door Auto Dry Cabinet

X-Treme Series Auto Dry Cabinets

Moisture is the invisible enemy that threatens the quality of your products. Until you receive complaints and even faulty product returns you may not be aware of your problem and at that point it will be too late.

The best defense is offense, so taking care of moisture before it becomes an issue is the optimal way to deal with it. Starting from early design and continuing up to the mass production phase will ensure that your products are always in the best condition.

The experience your customer has with your product directly affects your brand integrity, which in turn affects your sales and profits. Reliability will ensure that your products will keep operating as you designed, and this will help your brand name to grow with it.

Our Auto Dry Cabinets provide a suitable environment for your products to protect them with the help of our patented dryer technology. We also provide solutions for all your needs ranging from nitrogen solutionshybrid systems to baking options.

We design and manufacture our cabinets to meet your requirements, so you get what you need within a single package.

We are not offering just a “Cabinet“, we are providing you a “Solution“!

Many products in various sectors fall into the category of Moisture Sensitive Material and these should be handled with care.

Application Areas

Research and Development - Laboratory
Long and Short Term Storage
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