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Hybrid Cabinets


Use of nitrogen for dehumidification purposes is one of the earliest methods especially effective where oxidation is a concern. Auto Dry Cabinets provide easy to use, around the clock protection without supervision or consumables. Now X-Treme Series Auto Dry Cabinets offer you a solution where you can have the best of both worlds.

Our Hybrid Cabinets which have a Dryer Unit installed alongside with our Smart Nitrogen System saves cost by alternating between nitrogen and the dryer to ensure the fastest, oxidation free storage environment.

The dryer and purge systems work with the exact same principals of our Auto Dry and Smart Nitrogen Cabinets and by working in tandem they reach the desired humidity levels very quick.

When the desired levels are reached the Smart Nitrogen System cuts off the gas and hands over the complete operation to the Dryer Unit. When the humidity levels rise, for example after opening the door for too long, it comes back online to lower the levels quickly. Also, while the dryer unit is in regeneration the Smart Nitrogen System takes over completely to ensure the humidity levels are maintained.

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