Desiccant Dry Cabinets​

Dehumidifier dry cabinet, dryer unit

Desiccant dry cabinets are the latest technology solution in the fight against moisture. The main advantage they bring is their plug-and-play nature and the fact that once you plug in the cabinets they virtually work by themselves after that point.

You adjust the temperature and humidity levels you require and it does the rest without the need for any consumables. This makes uninterrupted protection an easier feat to accomplish as it lowers the chance of human error as the need for constant supervision is eliminated from the process as well as saving time in the form of less man hours required.

Our desiccant dry cabinets use our patented state of the art Dryer units which provide industry leading dehumidification speed, they regenerate themselves without any user intervention and only when they need to. Our system is completely self-sustainable, they never require any parts to be replaced or maintained to keep on operating. They are the embodiment of plug-and-play.

If you choose to install two dryer units in your Cabinet it will be dehumidifying non-stop as our software makes sure that the dryer units never go to regeneration at the same time. Your products are too valuable to be left in undesirable conditions.

Stop worrying about your products, your time is too valuable. Let us take care of the products and material you store while you continue to do your work.

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