Datalogger Addon Card with 4 MByte Memory and USB Communication with PC. (Optional)

Memory Card enables online storage of127,000 Records. Each Record consist of 16 Parameters and includes Inside Temp and %Rh, Outside Temp and %Rh, Doors Status, Dryer(s) status, User info, Errors etc. Detailed Diagnostics

Record Interval Selectable as 15–30-45–60 Secs — 22 days TO 90 days Storage

PC Connection and PC Graphical Monitoring Data Logging Software has ability to process downloaded Data with user friendly graphical GUI and tables etc..

Software can dump the data recorded in the external memory Card of the cabinet to PC with USB interface. Multi-cabinet connection to one PC is possible with additional hardware.

Graphics Software displays past logged and real time data as curve plotting on PC monitor. It also displays dumped data from the cabinet on PC monitor.

Software displays the logged, dumped or real time data as table format. This table format can be exported to Microsoft Excel etc. easily

Graphics Software display full details of the cabinet on PC monitor. The details include the real time data and the data recorded before.

The data displayed are the measured humidity and temperature values of cabinet and outside, humidity and temperature set values, the status of the Dehumidifiers, Doors, Locks, Heaters etc.

These data is monitored as curve plotting and the actual values are shown.

Time Date information is placed on time axis with date and hour : minute : second format. Every variable is displayed with a different color and labeled in that color for easy identification.

Many features of the curve plotting can be set or adjusted. Time (Horizontal) Axis Span of the curve plotting can be set as Last 45 minutes minimum to Last 24 Hours maximum starting any date-time.

Span can also be set between two dates or times entered. Zooming is possible to an area of the curve plotting. Time and variable values are automatically shown in zoomed areas.

Scrolling towards the past time and back to present. Auto Scroll can be turned on / off. Plot Type can be set as line, dot or mark. Grids are displayed or not.

All software package features provides remote monitoring of the cabinet with full details and presents a way to keep the cabinet data in PC database.