Cabinet Lighting

light-1X-Treme Series cabinets have glass doors to see the inside without a need to open them. But the materials placed on shelves prevents the light entrance to the cabinet partially sometimes. The light inside the cabinet becomes insufficient to see the materials placed backwards in this case. The use of a separate light source inside the cabinet may be helpful to see these materials.

Cabinet light option provides the solution. A daylight fluorescent lamp is placed behind the front pole of the cabinet. It is prevented to dazzle the user. The illumination inside the cabinet is provided with the light reflected on the stainless steel panel. User can determine the place of a material before opening the door and doesn’t have to search it when the door is open. So, the period that the door is open is minimized.

Lighting Automation prevents the light to be ON unnecessarily. It is supplied in three ways:

  • Turns ON when the user touches any place on control panel. Stays ON as long as the panel is used. Turns OFF when the adjustable ON time after the last touchexpires.
  • Turns ON when any movement in front of the cabinet was sensed by the motion sensor. Stays ON as long as the movement is sensed. Turns OFF when the adjustable ON time after the last movement expires. (The standard motion sensor is placed on left of the control panel that it can sense the movements in front of the cabinet.)
  • Turns ON when any door is opened. Stays ON as long as the door is open. Turns OFF when theadjustable ON time after door close expires.
  • The ON period for the lighting can be adjusted separately for three situations above. It can also be adjusted to be turned OFF continuously.