X-Treme Series cabinets are designed in principle of perfect isolation supports perfect performance.

All attachment and passing areas are isolated with materials and equipment at the cabinet body.

Double glass and magnetic gaskets on doors offered as standard. These ensure air-tight closing of the doors. The thermal leakages to outside and humidity leakages to inside are minimized through the doors this way.

Double wall body with 9 mm insulation material inside on other surfaces is offered in heater option. This insulation material provides excellent thermal isolation with its extremely low thermal conductivity value (<0,036 W/mK).

Stainless Steell Indoor Panels.

(Optional at some models)

Perfect Isolation of X-Treme Series Cabinets benefit not only the performance, but also the saving of energy with less losses of dry air and heat. Isolation amortizes the money you paid for it in a short time.