X-TremeSeries Auto Dry Cabinets are automatic dehumidifying storage cabinets which is preserve materials from moisture&humidity. Drying and Storage of Moisture Sensitive Devices (MSD)  can be implemented at various points within the manufacturing environment; for medium and long term inventory, or for short term handling on the production floor, and in some cases (with certain conditions) as a process replacement for baking.  Bare boards, raw components and partially assembled PCB’s can benefit from ultra-low humidity storage. Moisture is an invisible pest in the world of electronics manufacturing. Packages made from plastic are susceptible to moisture-related failure during board assembly. Excess moisture can turn to steam during reflow, creating defects and reducing production yields.

Drying and Storage of Moisture Sensitive Devices (MSD) are getting more and more important. With reliable design and leading specifications, X-Treme Series Auto Dry Cabinets are suitable for almost all dehumidification applications.

Application Fields of Dry Cabinets;

  • Drying and storage of industrial materials.
  • Drying and storage of PCB’s and components.
  • Laboratory and testing applications.
  • Storage of optical materials like lenses, cameras etc.
  • Protection of photographs, microfilms and digital media equipment.
  • Drying and storage of printed circuit boards.
  • Protection of work of art, antiques, musical instruments etc.
  • Food storage and conservation.
  • Storage and protection of medicines.
  • Archives preservation.

As a result of high-tech research and development, X-TremeSeries Auto Dry Cabinets Team has been manufacturing the highest quality products on the market. X-TremeSeries Auto Dry Cabinets uses  3 Technologies for drying processes;

  • Dehumidification Cabinets.
  • Nitrogen (N2) Cabinets
  • Hybrid Cabinets


Dehumidification Cabinets

X-TremeSeries Auto Dry Cabinets can help customers with its unique ultra-fast dehumidification rate by using single dryer or double dryer systems. The dryers will absorb the humidity from the inner ambient and provide dry air to the cabinet. This is an automatic process with no consumables and maintenance required. If required the cabinets can heat up to 60°C for baking and drying purposes.

Smart Nitrogen Cabinets

These type of cabinets will purge Nitrogen gas  (N2) to the cabinet and will decrease the relative humidity ratio % Rh inside the cabinet. The nitrogen gas will avoid oxidization of moisture sensitive material. The smart system will consume less nitrogen when compared to conventional nitrogen cabinets. Optional heating is available.

Hybrid Cabinets

These cabinets contain single dryer or double dryer systems with addition of nitrogen Injection and Flow System, allowing superior protection and faster dehumidification with automatic purging sequences for safety. These systems can dry and dehumidify faster than the standard dehumidification cabinets. At the same time it will help to avoid oxidization problem for moisture sensitive material. Optional heating is available.

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Full Redundancy of dehumidification process. Double Dehumidifier units ensure fail-safe and reliable operation. Diagnostics simplifies any fault monitoring and correction.

cabinetSmart microcontroller software, easy operating menus with128×240 pixels large Touch Screen LCD panel graphics and reliable control with user access codes. All user settings can be done in seconds.

Graphics Display of relative humidity and temperature values and Curve Plotting.  User can monitor the humidity and temperature inside cabinet (optional outside too) for a period of time at a glance.

Built-in Datalogger History Pane enables to show all recorded data sequentially in curve plotting. User can easily follow the past  (60 min standard, or much more with optional memory cards).

Real Time Clock ensures correct date and time data for display and other records. Controlling and monitoring the cabinet is so simple and effective, becoming a pleasure with silent operation

Patented Dehumidifier Technology offers Ultra-Fast Dehumidification Rate and compensates door openings. High capacity dehumidification but low energy consumption. Confident even in the hardest ambient and operating conditions!

High storage volume of  1250 liters (1200 lt with isolation) on 0.9 m2 floor area with its electrostatic painted steel body. All electronics+mechanics on top section provide Unobstructed free space inside the cabinet .


Double wall thermal insulated  body (optional) stabilizes temperature and guarantees energy savingFour Door configuration minimizes exposure to condition outside when any of the doors opens. Thermal insulated double glass of 22 mm thickness and magnetic gaskets offer perfect insulation on doors. Automatic Fan Circulation within back air channels prove Very homogeneous and even dispersal of humidity and temperature values on every shelf. Easy moving by casters.

Humidity Set Range 0.5- 50 % Rh and temperature set range 15 – 60 °C or 100°C (Heating is Optional) provide versatility for different applications. Accurately calibrated humidity and temperature sensors ensure correct measurements. 0.01 %Rh (0.1 over 10 %Rh) and 0.1°C display resolution of humidity and temperature. Multipoint calibration function on board as standard. Optional precisely calibrated sensors are available for customers even hard to please.

Ready to add optional Nitrogen Injection and Flow System, allowing superior protection and faster dehumidification with automatic purging sequences for safety.

Remote Monitoring with RS-232 interface. Very detailed Data Logging & Monitoring Software (optional) logs the real time user and cabinet data on PC and displays Curve Plotting, measuring, tables  of the past logged data on PC monitor even for months. Memory Dump to PC Software transfers the data recorded in external memory of the cabinet to the PC.
Door Open, Humidity and Temperature Level Alarms with Access code protected adjustable parameters of offset values, alarm periods and time to alarm as standard.  Alarm History shows past alarm records. Programmable External Alarm Outputs enable user to be remotely aware of alarm conditions with Alarm Light Bar (optional).

Cabinet Light (optional) enables easy to see the material inside even when the cabinet is full. Activated by motion sensor, display touch or door opening with user defined timers.

Energy saving with automated control!

LCD Backlight also controlled by motion sensor activation, display touch or door opening with user defined timers. Longer display life with automated control!

Access code protected electronic controlled Automatic Door Locks (optional). Easy and practical protection against unauthorized door openings. No need to carry keys!

Inter-changeable half size Stainless Steel Shelves makes it easy to place devices in different size and providing endurance and rigidity. Various dividers on request. Up to 50 kg of load capacity for a shelf. No rust or corrosion. Grounded shelves and Body prevent sensitive devices from electrostatic discharges. Wrist Snap Connections on front and back panels provide ESD Compatibility.

Compliance with IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033B.1 Industry Standard requirements. Compliance with UL/CE.

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