Humidity Set Range 1- 50 % Rh

Temperature Set range 20 °C– 45 °C or 60°C provide versatility for different applications

Heating is optional at some models

Stabilizing the temperature inside the cabinet together with relative humidity often forms a better storage and drying condition for the material. X-Treme Series Auto Dry Cabinets offer heater option to provide such conditions.

Heater system operates in the control of embedded software measuring the temperatures with two temperature sensors in heater section and the cabinet indoor sensor. It turns on when temperature inside the cabinet is lower than the target temperature. It turns off when the cabinet temperature reaches to that value. The temperature inside the cabinet is controlled with a maximum oscillation of ±1°C.

The target temperature level can be set easily on control panel in seconds. It can be set between 20°C and 45°C or 60°C (Pls ask for options). This feature provides versatility in different applications.

Temperature Level Alarm warns the user if the target temperature plus temperature offset value cannot be reached inside the cabinet when the time expired after a door close. The temperature offset can be set between 0–45°C , the time after door close can be set between 0–60 minutes and the temperature level alarm type can be set to Internal Buzzer (Standard), Yellow Light (in Optional Alarm Light Bar), Red Light (in Optional Alarm Light Bar) and External Buzzer (in Optional Alarm Light Bar).

Some extra hardware is used together with heater option. Double cabinet walls increase the thermal isolation of the cabinet from the operating environment. The thick isolation material used between interior and exterior cabinet walls provides excellent thermal isolation with its extremely low thermal conductivity value (<0,036 W/mK). This is a highly flexible closed-cell insulating material with high water vapor diffusion resistance (>7000µ, DIN 52615).It does not sustain vermin, fungus or mould. The heater fans forces air circulation inside the cabinet through the back air channels and supplies a homogeneous and even dispersal of humidity and temperature.

Except for the extra heater option hardware, magnetic gaskets and 22mm double glasses of the cabinet doors are offered as standard. Magnetic gaskets provide comfort to the user in opening / closing the doors and perfect isolation together with the 22mm thick double glasses.

Shelve qty, shelve positions, Set Temperature, material inside, material placement, loading volume, outside temperature, humidity, isolation etc. many parameters can affect Heating Profile. If necessary and there is a really sensitive application, we can make customisation, tests, tuning, we can add extra heating elements – fans etc…Pls ask to your Dealer . You  can measure and get Temperature differences in the different points of the cabinet. But heating output and measured temperatures will be uniform  after stabilisation.