X-Treme Series auto dry cabinets have four doors equally sharing the front side area of the cabinet. This four door configuration is an optimal idea to minimize the exposure to condition outside when any of the doors opens and easy accessing to every place inside the cabinet.

Each door structure have aluminium frames, stylish metal handles, double glass of 22mm thickness and magnetic gaskets which provide comfort to the user in opening / closing the doors and perfect isolation.

An absolutely controlled access to the material inside may be required in some application fields of auto dry cabinet. Doors of the cabinet should be left locked when ability for only certain personnel to reach the materials inside is intended.

The doors can be configured with automatic door locks optionally. These locks have electronic control with access codes. User can lock / unlock the doors without a need to keys. The only thing the user should do is to press lock / unlock button and enter his access code in control panel.

The status of the doors are sensed with magnetic switches. Door Ajar (Left Open) Alarm is implemented to inform the user when any of the cabinet doors left open. It activates when Time to Alarm expires to protect the moisture sensitive material inside. Time to Alarm parameter can be set in seconds between 10 and 240 with 5 second steps. Door Ajar (Left Open) Alarm Type can be set to Internal Buzzer (Standard), Yellow Light (in Optional Alarm Light Bar), Red Light (in Optional Alarm Light Bar) and External Buzzer (in Optional Alarm Light Bar).